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We effectively acquire, add value to and manage properties in markets that are growing with tight vacancies.

Aiming for higher cash flow and a greater potential appreciation, means a greater ROI for you.

Sell Your Property Fast

Want to sell your property quickly? We buy houses fast in all price ranges, in varying conditions located in Vancouver, the Okanagan and Edmonton.

If you are interested in selling your house or property at a fair price, we are your team.

Furnished Suites

How to Earn Rental Income Without Being a Landlord? With Furnished Suites we automate the process for you.

We manage bookings, check ins, cleanings and maintenance, while you sleep. You receive monthly income, on-time and every time. Let’s work together.


– Andrew Carnegie


– Will Rogers

Why Invest?

Are you failing to build financial freedom?

Are you worried about making a costly mistake?

Are you intimidated by doing it all yourself?

Real Estate Investing offers tangible assets, positive cash flow, tax benefits and a high probability of asset appreciation.

Stephanie Taylor

Founder, Real Estate Investor

Focusing on creating wealth for our investor partners through carefully selected investment real estate, we target cash-flowing properties with add value potential in BC and Alberta. Our support team of professionals all specialize in real estate and provide invaluable service and expertise.

After spending many years in the “rat race” in the medical field, I was in search of a way to build wealth, while being able to raise and enjoy my 2 children. Beginning in 2014 mentoring under many successful entrepreneurs in the industry to grow a real estate portfolio, I soon realized that real estate investment was my vehicle to achieve financial freedom.

After spending the next several years to educate myself on the fundamentals of real estate I am now able to share my passion, experience and lessons learned with those looking to invest. I believe strongly in creating a win/win for my investors, tenants and all concerned.

If you are ready to find out more about our investment program, please email me directly at:

What clients say…

“We worked with Stephanie to buy our first investment property. Stephanie is really easy to work with. Her knowledge of the real estate market is top-notch and she is able to find great opportunities to invest in. Stephanie’s ability to deliver high-quality renovations on time and under budget speaks volumes about her ability to manage relationships with contractors. Stephanie was also able to help us arrange for refinancing that gave us a lot of flexibility. We would definitely work with Stephanie again.”

Denise Wong CPA, CA Joint Venture Partner

In my time knowing Stephanie, watching her develop her real estate portfolio has been remarkable. Her drive to help people to achieve their investment goals has been equally amazing. Stephanie has an uncanny ability to find good deals and to acquire property through all means, conventional and non-conventional. She then turns them into well performing cash flow assets. Her desire to help people get into a good investment property and her skill for detail ensures that her properties perform amazingly. I have tremendous respect for her and she is an awesome investment partner.

Matt Kerr, Real Estate Investor for 20 years, Realtor

My wife and I have been very happy with our decision to partner with Stephanie in the purchase of a property. And while there are several reasons for this what stands out most is her approach to choosing properties that are cash flow positive from the start. Stephanie has clearly taken time to understand the markets that she is operating within and is very attuned to the needs of the clients that she services. I would not hesitate to work with Stephanie again and recommend her as a partner.

Micheal Bajada, Joint Venture Partner

“It has been a pleasure to work with Stephanie for many years as she has grown her real estate investment business from the ground up.  Stephanie is organized, prompt, attentive to detail, and a great communicator — in my experience, all attributes of a successful joint venture partner.”

Tom Grozier, CPA, CA, Accountant

I have worked with Stephanie for a number of years. She is very professional and a pleasure to work with. She truly believes that her success is achieved through helping others succeed.

Richard Bell, Lawyer, Bell Alliance

Stephanie is professional in every way. She manages properties ensuring highest cashflow and focuses on greatest potential appreciation which means a higher ROI for me. I am truly grateful for her extreme due diligence but more importantly the relationship we have developed.

Bruce Kyle, Investor

Stephanie with Evevo Properties was a godsend when I found myself needing to sell my home after I could no longer take care of it myself. I was treated in a courteous and professional manner. I didn’t have to prepare the house for showings. It was purchased as is, quickly and for a fair price. She was a pleasure to deal with and was always interested in my needs.

Anonymous, Homeowner

I emailed Stephanie as she was recommended to me for advice on how to rent out my property. Her land lording knowledge was impressive and easy to tell she has a long research experience as every detail was covered. She shared many tips and creative ideas that I had never thought of. She marketed and had my place rented out on the first day it was available. Her ability to improve properties and gain immediate cash flow was amazing. I cannot recommend Stephanie enough and am so grateful for her help.

Mike Lee, Landlord

Stephanie has been a pleasure to work with for the past 5 years. Her knowledge of the real estate market is refreshing. She truly believes in a win – win, providing good results for all.

Rosa Scaglione, Home Financing Advisor TD